by Stigmiasmata

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Stigmiasmata was created by the members of of Encroaching Darkness and Crowfather.

Band Logo created by Raynard Hannah (Raypissed) of Inverticrux

Wrathchild - Vox
Montara Mike - all instrumentation

Montara Mike Productions in conjunction with Stillborn twins Records


released August 19, 2014



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Track Name: Death Rides to the Hymn of Pain
for this is the flesh of lies
arcane skin pulling fabric of the soul
hands like knives skewering all
documented rage
in signs of profane ritual

death rides to the hymn of pain
a soldiers dream perverse
skies relentlessly create
a schism to invert
wolves bay at the doors
of slaughter so divine
none may know what evil lurks
behind those twisted eyes
Track Name: Awash in Bloodshed
call out to the silent sky
assembled 'neath the moon
(invocation to the elder gods)
ritual of blood now begins
sacrifice of flesh to consume
(arise now in tempestuous rage)
candles lit flicker black
pleasure to rend flesh from bone
(sadistic orgy in virgin blood)

the power builds to a focal point all consuming
destruction of this world as the pendulum shifts

dancing wildly around the fire
blood still caked on maddening grins
(they have achieved pure ecstasy)
within the realms of hidden lore
a secret to unlock the gates
(the blind, mad god emerges)
all hope lost for humanity
hatred has wiped the slate
(awash in the the bloodshed)